Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Lows in Political Discourse

I hesitate to bring this up, just because it's so explosive and ridiculous. But I think it clearly illustrates the depths to which people can sink to smear others, politicians or otherwise.

I think the video betrays its true intent with the last second - "" This isn't about abortion or children - it's about simple, cynical, any means necessary politics. It uses children as a political tool, rather than actually trying to defend them through constructive activism.

Obama's made it clear many times that his position on this has been grossly misconstrued. Infanticide is beyond cruel and inhumane, and I should hope we all have the sense to realize that NO ONE, regardless of party, religion, or even opinion on abortion, would support something like this.

Furthermore, who's to believe that the nurses and medical staff would actually take part in such a thing? I know many nurses, close friends and family, and they'd sooner break the law and/or be fired than do any such thing. No one would do that, and I'm surprised the woman in the video apparently did.

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