Monday, December 8, 2008

On Conspiracies: PC Viruses

I admit, I am prone to conspiracy theories. I think I inherited this from my grandmother.

There's been quite the string of viruses running the email circuit at my university; they come up from someone you know, with your name and a message similar to the following: (I messed with the url just in case any of you are silly enough to actually click on it.)


I'm not sure whether you have seen it?

Panda de Tueur

But I seriously sometimes wonder if there are Mac enthusiasts (extremists?) sitting around coming up with these things to get people to just give up and become a switcher. Seriously.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coffee Art. Not the Frothy Kind.

Check out this great article in the NY Times today. It's about a graphic artist named Christoph Niemann, and his latest series, a collection of "napkin art" (for lack of a better word). The art is stains on a napkin (presumably using coffee?), creating images that accompany a brief story just below the napkin. They all have to do with coffee culture and personal anecdotes about experiences with coffee. 

As an addict myself, here's one of my favorites. Click on it to enlarge.

Along with the accompanying text/story:
Here’s a chart that shows my coffee bias over the years.

For good measure I have added my bagel preferences over the same period. (1) Drip coffee, (2) Starbucks, (3) blueberry bagels, (4) sesame bagels, (5) poppy-seed bagels, (6) everything bagels

Please don’t hold my brief affair with blueberry bagels against me. I cured myself of this aberration.

Love it. :D