Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Lows in Political Discourse

I hesitate to bring this up, just because it's so explosive and ridiculous. But I think it clearly illustrates the depths to which people can sink to smear others, politicians or otherwise.

I think the video betrays its true intent with the last second - "" This isn't about abortion or children - it's about simple, cynical, any means necessary politics. It uses children as a political tool, rather than actually trying to defend them through constructive activism.

Obama's made it clear many times that his position on this has been grossly misconstrued. Infanticide is beyond cruel and inhumane, and I should hope we all have the sense to realize that NO ONE, regardless of party, religion, or even opinion on abortion, would support something like this.

Furthermore, who's to believe that the nurses and medical staff would actually take part in such a thing? I know many nurses, close friends and family, and they'd sooner break the law and/or be fired than do any such thing. No one would do that, and I'm surprised the woman in the video apparently did.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who's Being Sexist? Right, Palin's Fans.

Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain's campaign have spent so much time lately arguing about the sexist coverage and criticism of Sarah Palin that one can't help but wonder if all this is just stalling for time while she learns enough about foreign policy to be able to actually engage reporters and the public.

But if the campaign is going to complain about the supposedly rampant sexist coverage of Palin, then they should also work to undermine the sexism rampant in their own base. Although these people might be among the biggest supporters of Palin's bid for the VP, they do more to sexualize and discriminate against her based on her sex than does the media any day of the week.  I think these pictures can say more than I can for proof. Enjoy.

This one is my personal favorite. Female fans of Palin dressing themselves up in toy red lips, thus accentuating her most important quality (or qualification?).

But let's not forget the bumper stickers being put out by some fans... "Vice President I'd Like to..." well, you know. And since Hillary got a nutcracker doll made of her, why shouldn't Sarah Palin enjoy some schoolgirl action?

Yeah, try again about who's actually perpetuating the sexist coverage of your candidate.