Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh Michael Bay, will you ever learn?

I found an ever so delicious piece of fake awesomeness on (via Neatorama); a script by Michael Bay for The Dark Knight. Read it hot off the presses!

... I'll pause to let you read the thing...

Of course, the joke is that this is basically the script for Transformers, but made much more obvious the subtle message in Transformers: The military is awesome!

In the commentary for Transformers, however, this is pretty much laid out, as Michael Bay says that the Army worked with Bay in order to show the public how cool the army could be. Humorously enough, in Transformers law enforcement is shown as bumbling and full of themselves, while the army is blown up as a lone wolf, pursuers of true justice. Obviously Bay is trying to make the Army seem... well... rebellious. A contradiction in terms if I ever heard one.

Even my beloved Apple does not escape from the Army trying to peddle its awesomeness, during WWDC 08, when Jobs announced iPhone 2.0, various corporations were featured in a video on how the new iPhone has helped them. Most of the other corporations focused on the iPhone, but the army was more concerned with building itself up. (Garrr... I can't find the link, maybe later...)

So, has the army become the new cigarette? It can kill you and harm others, but it sure looks cool in movies!


Portmanteau (Panda de Teur's Twin) said...

The reason why he (and so many big budget directors) give the army lip service is because then the army will let the directors borrow their toys for a reduced fee, sometimes even for free. Michael Bay really isn't concerned with making a message, just making money, ergo, he'll put any message in a movie if it will help cut costs.

Panda de Tueur said...

Still, Bay's budget is ridiculous; and as they use CGI for most everything they don't really /need/ real toys. I think what you're saying is definitely part of it, but not all.

Portmanteau (Panda de Teur's Twin) said...

Well of course. Explosions look cool, but if you don't like the army, then you'll feel bad about the explosions, so the army has to be awesome!