Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bedroom Secrets of an Ex-Lesbian

Check this book description of a recently released 52-page book, Bedroom Secrets of an Ex-Lesbian:  

As a former lesbian, the Christian author dispels the myth that a woman can please another woman better than a man can. She shares her multi-orgasm techniques that encompass far more than just foreplay. Thus, Bedroom Secrets of an Ex-Lesbian is for every man who has ever lost his woman to another woman or who simply seeks to satisfy his woman so she will never consider being with someone else. This book is also for every woman who wants to help her man satisfy her sexually.

Sigh.  Where to begin?

Notice how the information is only legitimate because it comes from a Christian author? (Otherwise the qualification of "former lesbian, now Christian" would be entirely unnecessary.)  Notice how this information is for the sole purpose of making it so your woman "will never consider being with someone else," and not for the actual pleasure of the woman?

Here's the best part.  In small print, across the top cover of the book, is written:

A Straightforward Guide to Extracting the Elusive Female Orgasm.

Women's sexuality (homogenous as it is, since this one little book applies to every woman) is again portrayed as a secret to be revealed only to men. The "Elusive Female Orgasm" is apparently not something to be experienced or given or enjoyed - no, no, no. It's something to be "extracted," like a wisdom tooth while under heavy sedative. And if this woman has had enough experience to write 52 pages on satisfying women, she should damn well know it's not that elusive.

And, finally, do I really need to comment on the double-entendre of "a straightforward guide" written by an ex-lesbian?  I think not.


Panda de Tueur said...

I don't know, I find the female orgasm pretty elusive.

Granted, I never really looked for it...

QueenMelian said...

I think the male fear of being less capable than a woman of bringing another woman to orgasm can be summarized through some wisdom from "The L Word:" 'When you’ve got two people, [and] they’ve got the same equipment, and they both know how to treat it, how can anybody of the opposite sex compete with that?'